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Landscape Lighting Info & DIY

  • 12V Landscape Lighting

    12V Landscape Lighting

    Landscape lighting is a popular choice for illuminating outdoor spaces, and it's important to understand some key technical aspects when designing and installing a 12V landscape lighting system. Here's the relevant technical information you need to consider: Transformer: A transformer...

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  • Landscape Lighting Your Property

    Landscape Lighting Your Property

    Landscape lighting is an often overlooked aspect of outdoor design, but it can have a significant impact on the overall appearance and functionality of your property. Not only does it enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscape, but it also...

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  • House & Landscape Lighting Basics

    House & Landscape Lighting Basics

    DIY or Hire a Pro? Homeowners could put in a simple Lighting System in a weekend. However, for the most stunning effects and utilization of the available light, go with a landscape lighting specialist familiar with the various fixture types...

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  • The Why, What, How of Outdoor Lighting

    The Why, What, How of Outdoor Lighting

    When thinking about installing outdoor lighting you must ask yourself three things; why, what, and how. Why do I want outdoor lights? This question will guide the positioning and types of lights you buy and install.What types of outdoor lighting...

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  • Landscape Lighting 101

    Landscape Lighting 101

    The primary benefits of installing landscape lighting around your property are security, safety, usability and beauty Security: A well lit property has been shown to be one of the best deterrents when it comes to property crimes such as burglary and...

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