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Fire Pit Info & DIY

  • Fire Pit Maintenance Tips

    Fire Pit Maintenance Tips

    Inspiration was taken from Fire pits can be costly, so safeguard your speculation and take full advantage of your fire pit by keeping it in top working request. Essential fire pit upkeep is easy, and terminating pit safety is vital. A...

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  • Outdoor Gathering? Choose Gas!

    Outdoor Gathering? Choose Gas!

    Outdoor gatherings are a great way to bring people together and create lasting memories. A cozy fire pit can make any gathering more comfortable and enjoyable, but what kind of fire pit should you choose? Gas fire pits have become...

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  • Natural Gas Fire Pits

    Natural Gas Fire Pits

    One of the biggest advantages of a natural gas fire pit is the ease of starting a fire. People who live in cold areas are often interested in starting a fire quickly in order to begin warming up right away,...

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  • Propane Fire Feature Pros & Cons

    Propane Fire Feature Pros & Cons

    What are the Pros? 1. No messy ashes to clean upJust like cooking in the kitchen, we are more likely to do it if there is less clean up involved, right? Compared to the wood-burning version, propane fire pits take...

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