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The Why, What, How of Outdoor Lighting

The Why, What, How of Outdoor Lighting

When thinking about installing outdoor lighting you must ask yourself three things; why, what, and how.
Why do I want outdoor lights? This question will guide the positioning and types of lights you buy and install.
What types of outdoor lighting do I want? The color and material of your outdoor lighting may not affect how well it illuminates your property, but the shape and intensity will affect the functionality of your lights.
How will you be installing the outdoor lights? Will you be running underground wires, using existing wiring on the exterior of your house or running solar lights.
In addition, outdoor lighting increases curb appeal, lights up walkways for safety, and enhances outdoor living areas.

The average cost of outdoor light installation is between $2,000 and $4,500, depending on the type of lights and where it is located. You can DIY Outdoor LED light installation to enhance your outdoor living space if you feel comfortable.
For best results, hire a skilled electrician who has the experience to install an outdoor line safely. Outdoor electricity requires sturdy materials that can withstand extreme temperatures, rain, and snow.
Your electrician can also connect your new outdoor lights to a switch, timer, or motion sensor for you, so you’re not running out in your pajamas and slippers to plug and unplug the cord.
While you may be comfortable working with electricity or drilling into your house, we advise calling an electrician to at least set up the necessary connections, if not completely install your exterior lights.

Beware of Stray Light
Don’t let the floodlights that help you sleep soundly keep your neighbors up at night. Some outdoor lighting etiquette should be considered and the angle of your outdoor lights should be no higher than the eaves of your house while staying within your property lines. As a courtesy, check in with your neighbors to ensure your lights aren't bothering them and that the motion sensors aren’t too sensitive.

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