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Natural Gas Fire Pits

Natural Gas Fire Pits

One of the biggest advantages of a natural gas fire pit is the ease of starting a fire. People who live in cold areas are often interested in starting a fire quickly in order to begin warming up right away, and a natural gas fire pit offers this ability. In fact, most fire pits of this kind can be started by pressing a button, turning a key, or flipping a switch.

Another perk of a fire pit that runs on natural gas is the lack of mess to clean up after each fire, as there is no ash left in the pit afterward. Additionally, there are no embers during the fire, which means that those sitting around it will not be hit by flying sparks. Despite these safety advantages, some homeowners may be disappointed by the lack of smoke, or lack of embers, as the fire may not seem as familiar.

In addition, anyone considering a natural gas fire pit should check to see if their yard already has a gas line, as this is required. If the yard does not have one, it should be noted that having one installed can be expensive, requiring the help of a professional. This is important for those wanting to install a fire pit on top of a patio, it can be difficult to install a gas line when there is already cement present.

Lastly, a trait of the typical natural gas fire pit is the fire produced is not ideal for cooking food. While most people do not regularly cook dinner in their fire pit, they may want to roast marshmallows, which is usually best left to wood fire pits.

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