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How to choose an Outdoor Fire Feature for your Outdoor Living Space

How to choose an Outdoor Fire Feature for your Outdoor Living Space

  1. Ask yourself these questions to determine which qualities you need in your outdoor fire feature:
    • Do you want to move your fire pit easily?
    • Would you prefer a compact or enclosed fire feature?
    • Will your fire pit stay outdoors all year long?
    • Will your fire pit be stand-alone, or will it be incorporated into other elements such as a dining table?
    • Do you love to roast marshmallows or make hot dogs together as a family?

  1. Take a quick walk through your yard or around your outdoor space and consider where you would place your fire pit once you purchase it. Look for hazards, consider potential placements, and always keep safety and practicality in mind. 

  1. Double-check your municipal by-laws! Each municipality will have by-laws on cooking, recreational, and open-air fires. These by-laws will also include regulations about how far away your fire pit needs to be from other structures or combustible materials.

  1. Decide on a style that you like! Browsing different styles is the most fun part of the process because there are so many different designs to choose from. Common styles include:
    • Free-standing fire pits, fireplaces, and fire bowls
    • Built-in fireplaces
    • Firepit kits
    • Tabletop fire features


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