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Environmental benefits of a Pond

Environmental benefits of a Pond

Ponds add beauty and variety to ones home landscape, not to mention the relaxing, soothing sounds of a stream or waterfall. Owning a pond is also good for the environment in several ways.

1. Water Conservation

Ponds and water features recirculate water making them a good landscaping option for water conservation. When a pond is filled, pond owners will need to "top off" the pond only occasionally. Shrubs, flowers and plants based in soil require constant watering, causing a household's water consumption to increase dramatically. Through rainfall, ponds and water gardens literally water themselves, helping you save water.

Lawns are more difficult to maintain in dry seasons when they require lots of watering, whereas ponds can be re-filled with rainwater. Maintaining a green lawn requires regular watering; otherwise, it can quickly lose colour and become brown. Therefore, homeowners spend countless hours and thousands of gallons of water each year watering their lawns.

Pond water can also be used to water other plants in the garden, therefore conserving water by eliminating the use of the garden hose. Simply dip a watering can into the pond to care for other plants and trees throughout the yard.

It can be difficult to find a happy medium between lowering costs, conserving water and maintaining a beautiful garden—but owning a pond helps accomplish all three!

2. Support Local Wildlife

For years, pond owners have been adding beautiful fish (such as Koi and goldfish) to their pond. Ponds and water gardens also attract other creatures, providing a sanctuary for breeding. Frogs gather at the pond as it provides a shelter for reproducing in the spring and summer. Baby frogs and toads are generally a desirable pond inhabitant for their algae-eating habits. Adult toads are also beneficial to the garden for their aid in controlling insects.

Adding a pond or water garden to your yard not only adds beauty to your yard, but it also supports the indigenous wildlife in your neighborhood. Ponds attract and create a haven for beautiful fish, dragonflies, frogs and birds.

3. Environmental Awareness

Water gardens influence young people to help create a better future for the planet. Planning, building and maintaining a pond or water garden helps children understand the responsibility we all have for caring for our environment. Water gardens are complete ecosystems, which educate on how natural systems work and can influence people on how to help create a better planet. Including children in the building of a water garden or pond also helps them gain an interest in science and environmental issues.


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