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Do you really need a Pond Filter?

Do you really need a Pond Filter?

If you want clear and healthy water, then the short answer is yes. If you plan on introducing fish to your pond, then good filtration is essential.


If you do not mind the water conditions fluctuating throughout the seasons or cleaning the inevitable blanket weed and other intrusive algae from your smelly body of water, then maybe you can do without a filter.

Mother nature takes care of the ponds she creates, it is up to you to take care of the ones you create.

What Type Of Pond Filtration Should I Choose?

There are two main types of filtration.

  • Mechanical Filtration, which removes any debris from the incoming pond water by flowing it through progressively finer filter media.

  • Biological Filtration, which promotes the growth of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria within a filter media to remove excess nutrients and break down harmful fish waste.

If you have a simple pond with no fish, you might do fine with a simple mechanical pond filtration system.

If you are not achieving adequate filtration in this way or if you have fish of any type then it may be necessary to step it up by using a biological filtration system.

There are more specialized solutions available that can handle complex pond environments or heavier fish loads. These can include combining mechanical and biological filter systems and may also include chemical filters, sand filters or UV sterilization.


We have a Pond Filter to suit your needs!

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