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Super Natural ClearUp 1 gal

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ClearUp is scientifically formulated to clear cloudy water, improve oxygen levels, and remove decaying matter from the pond floor.

ClearUp is a concentrated natural bacteria and enzyme blend that can be used on any water feature or pond no matter the size.

ClearUp will remove ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, and organic debris (dead leaves, uneaten fish food, fish waste, etc.) that cause water clarity problems in aquatic environments.

Apply 1 oz. of ClearUp for every 1000 gallons of pond water present.

  • 12-Month Natural Clarifier
  • Keeps Your Water Clear Year Round
  • Works Quickly and Efficiently
  • Safe for All Aquatic and Domestic Life
  • 1 gal (128 fl oz) bottle treats 128,000 gallons