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Rain Harvesting Tank Overflow Outlet - 3" High Level Kit

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Stop mosquitoes getting in through your tank overflow outlets with this all-parts-supplied, easy-install Rain Harvesting Tank Overflow Kit High.
Tank Overflows provide additional security for your tanks connections, and allow you to effectively manage overflowing water. Tank Overflows also allow you to increase your water tanks storage, enabling you more ability to plan for volume.

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Install with ease

Tank Overflow Kits come with outlets, gaskets, mosquito-proof Mozzie Stoppa screens and screws. With everything you need in the box, installation couldnt be easier. No wonder so many tank manufacturers choose Blue Mountain Co Tank Overflow Kits.
Mosquito-proof your outlets
The mosquito-proof 955 micron stainless steel mesh protects the quality of your rainwater by keeping mosquitoes and other insects and animals out of your tanks. This also keeps you compliant in areas where mosquito-proofing is required by law.