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Rain Harvesting Mozzie Stoppa 4" Flap Valve

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Stop mosquitoes from entering your tank outlets without interrupting the flow of fast-moving water with this breathable" flap valve.

Keep your tank breathing" safely

Keeping your tank ventilated helps to protect your rainwater quality - but only if you can also keep mosquitoes out. The Flap Valve Vent Screen lets you can do both, safely and effectively. It also prevents a vacuum forming when large quantities of water are quickly drawn from your tank.

Mosquito-proof your tank outlets

Flap Valve Vent Screen protects your rainwater quality. The hinged flap" or door" features a mosquito-proof 955 micron stainless steel screen that stops mosquitoes and other pests from getting into your tank via your horizontal outlet pipes. It self-closes to seal off your tank outlets whenever water is not passing through.

Let overflowing water out

The Flap Valve Vent Screens responsive hinged flap automatically opens to allow overflowing water to pass out of your tank at a high flow rate.