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Microbe-Lift 2 lb KH Alkalinity Bio-Active Booster

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  • Microbe-Lift KH Alkalinity Bio-Active Booster is essential for Nitrification and can be used for tap water, tank water and water changes
  • The biological removal of ammonia (nitrification) is one of the most important functions in a pond. This essential microbial process requires the presence of carbonate alkalinity in pond water at all times, as the biological ammonia removal process utilizes 7.1 mgs. of carbonate alkalinity for every 1 mg. of ammonia removed by nitrification.
  • Should pond carbonate levels fall below the necessary level, nitrification will stop and will fail to start again. With the loss of carbonate alkalinity pH levels will vary
    • Requires the presence of KH (carbonate alkalinity) at all times
    • Utilizes 7.1 mg. of KH for every 1 mg. of ammonia removed
    • Continuously depletes KH so KH must be monitored and restored as necessary

    Use MICROBE-LIFT KH Bio-Active Booster to Maintain 50-100 ppm KH at all times