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Microbe-Lift 16 oz Sabbactisun

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MICROBE-LIFT SABBACTISUN is a unique, natural remedy, proven effective against bacterial dropsy, fungus, and ulcers in fish. MICROBE-LIFT SABBACTISUN works by expelling external pathogens from the host fish and stimulating its immune system response. Unlike many chemical and antibiotic treatments available, MICROBE-LIFT SABBACTISUN can also speed up damaged tissue regeneration. MICROBE-LIFT/SABBACTISUN is made from plant and herbal extracts and is environmentally friendly. This product is harmless to all nitrifying bacteria and aquatic plants.

  • 100% natural plant and herbal product
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Reduces stress during and after transportation
  • Completely safe to use
  • Non-toxic to animals and plants
  • Product can be used during feeding
  • Does not adversely affect either nitrifying filter bacteria or beneficial bacterial additives
  • No significant reduction in the level of dissolved oxygen in the water
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Does not discolor water
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