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Enersol 1' x 10' EPDM Pool Solar Panel

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The Enersol Solar Pool Heater is made for 'do-it-yourself' installation. With the easy to follow DVD and simple instruction manual, it can be up and running in a weekend. No gas or electrical inspectors to deal with! It is so versatile it can be put anywhere the sun shines.

The 'do-it-yourself' kit is easily installed on the roof of your home or pool change room, off the deck, beside the pool or on the ground. The most durable and longest lasting solar panels on the market, our Solarprene rubber is completely resistant to pool chemicals, harsh U.V. rays, cold winters and the hottest summers.

  • Pool water is pumped from the pool pump through the solar panels
  • Sun rays warm the water in the solar panels
  • Heated water is returned to the pool

Includes 10 sq ft (nominal 1 ft x 10 ft) of Enersol solar pool panels. The Enersol solar pool heating panel will become the main component of your solar pool heating system.

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Sizing Guide

In order to size your Enersol Solar Pool Heating System you need to know the surface area of your pool. (Example: A 12 ft x 24 ft rectangular pool has a surface area of 288 sq ft).

The rough rule of thumb is to size your solar pool heating system at 50-75% of the area of your outdoor pool. (Example: If your solar pool heating panels will face South, you will aim for a system with 50% of the surface area of your pool, 144 sqft

The length of solar pool heating panels you install will be determined by the surface you are mounting them on. You will need to leave room at the top and the bottom of the panels for piping and access. (Example: If you will be mounting the solar pool heating panels on a south facing roof that is 14 ft long, you might decide that a 10 ft panel is the best length for your roof)

The number of 1ft solar pool heating panels you require is determined by dividing the calculated size of your solar pool heating system by your desired solar pool heating panel length. (Example: If the surface area of your solar pool heating system is 144sqft and you can fit 10ft solar pool heating panels on your roof, you will require 14-15 boxes of solar pool heating panels for 50% coverage.) We do not recommend installing less than twelve 1’ wide panels, as high pressure issues can occur.