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DAB DTron2 35/120 - 7" Multi-Stage Submersible Pump

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DTron2 is a 7” submersible electronic multi-impellers pump for clean water designed for use in wells and tanks. It can be used submerged, partially submerged or on the surface (with the appropriate accessory). It is suitable for use in domestic and residential environments for pressurization, rainwater reuse, gardening and irrigation activities. The pump can be installed even horizontally. It is also available in version X with 1” inlet and kit X which includes 3.2 ft (1 meter) suction hose and float to prevent the suction of impurities from the bottom. The entire pump is classified IP 68, with the DOC68 accessory (supplied separately) it becomes an IP 68 surface pump that can be used under the level of the water. On request a certified version for drinking water is available. The expansion vessel is integrated, no external expansion vessel is required.

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Technical Data:
  • Flow rate maximum: 32.1 gpm (7.3 m3/h)
  • Head up to: 147 ft (45 m)
  • Maximum immersion depth: 49 ft (15 m)
  • Type of pumped liquid: Clean, free from solid or abrasive substances, non-viscous, non-aggressive, non-crystallized and chemically neutral.
  • Free passage: 0.08” (2 mm)
  • Minimum suction depth: 4.33” (110 mm)
  • Minimum level of water: 1.38” (35 mm)
  • Liquid temperature range: from 32°F to 122°F (+0°C to +50°C)
  • Minimum and maximum ambient temperature: <32°F to 122°F (+0°C to +50°C)
  • Maximum immersion depth: 15 m
  • Set cut-in: 34.8 psi 2.4 bar (+-0.2)
  • Flanges, thread: Thread 1” 1/4 NPT
  • Pump maximum diameter: 7.28 “ (185 mm)
  • Impeller/s material: Technopolymer/ AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Maximum number of starts: 60/h
  • Non-stop service: Yes
  • Protection class: IP 68
  • Motor insulation class: F
  • Power cable (m) and plug: 49ft (15 m) with plug
  • Single phase power input: 115 V 60 Hz single phase
  • Possible type of installation: Fixed, horizontal or vertical. Submerged or semi-submerged. It can be installed on the surface, under the water level, or outside in a vertical position with the DOC68 accessory (supplied separately).