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Crystal Clear 32 oz ProFix Quick Fix Pond Cleaner

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CrystalClear Profix is the fastest and most efficient water clarifier on the market today. CrystalClear Profix is designed to clear pond water in all sizes of ponds, fountains, bubblers and streams.

CrystalClear Profix contains a 9% solution of active product that is double that of competing brands, which allows you to use less per application. In fact, 16 oz. of CrystalClear Profix treats 9,600 gallons. No matter what your clarity problem is, Profix can help you FIX it.

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CrystalClear® ProFix Dosage Rates
Pond Size
(In Gallons)
(Maximum Once a Week)
600 Gallons 1 Ounce
1,200 Gallons 2 Ounces
1,800 Gallons 3 Ounces
2,400 Gallons 4 Ounces